Makayla Camille was born in Harvey Illinois and fell in love with cameras at an early. From always being in the vicinity of a camera, Makayla always saw beauty in the little things. Those little things made her into, not only a photographer, but the well-rounded artist she is today. She is a portrait, editorial, and narrative photographer. Based in Kansas City and New York with an education in Studio Art and Film Studies. Makayla, in her photographs, utilizes her unique perspective and eye to capture beautiful and thought-provoking images. These thought-provoking images draw the viewer in and always keeps them coming back for more. Within Makayla's work she wants the beauty of the subject(s) depicted to be the main focus of the image. Makayla finds inspiration from the people around her and the stories each one tells. From education that she has in film studies, the composition and feel of her images are very important. Within her images, Makayla brings in brown undertones to highlight the images. These brown undertones give the images a gritty and dreamlike sense that can be seen throughout her work.
Photos By:  Ari Bonner
Logo By: Tracy Q
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